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27.03.2017 | blog, Online School

The Act of Selflove

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Dear reader,

Can I ask you a question? Because I feel it’s important to know. Do you love yourself unconditionally? Or do you love yourself a little bit? Or a lot? Only in times when you are feeling good? The reason I ask this is because in my experience, it is incredibly important to love yourself, completely for who you are. Including the light and darkness that lives within you.

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Why do you ask me this?

The reason I ask this is because in my experience, it is incredibly important to love yourself, completely for who you are. Including the light and darkness that lives within you. Selflove is the state in which we move into our true authentic self and embrace all of who we are. By acknowledging and appreciating all of the complexities of our being, including the ‘bad’ stuff. It’s in the full acceptance of our wonderfully intricate being that the struggle falls away and the genuine you that you are can flourish.

And at the same time, wouldn’t it just be great to be in love with yourself?
I mean, you are going to live this life and walk this planet, so you might aswell do it with an easy joy and sweet love for yourself.

Pop up feelings

And when negative feelings pop up or experiences come into your life that aren’t particularly pleasant, wouldn’t it be great to meet them with a softness? So they can transform easier and effortlessly. It is also by being in love with yourself that you can best serve the world.
You can meet others and life from a space of love and acceptance, which is a compassionate and kind way of moving through life.

Being in a state of love is our natural way of being. In which everything is accepted and flow at its own ease. And if we are not in that state, it feels like we are cramped. The way I describe my own experience of selflove is as effortless. Ever since, I decided (because really it is a choice) to move into my selflove, life has been unfolding effortlessly around me and it is absolutely delicious.

Give it a try

I am not saying that I don’t have tough times anymore. Ofcourse I do. But they are met with a soft kindness and loving, in which I transform the ‘negative’ times into positive experiences by seeing an opportunity to find the love in a situation and to grow through it. And I have to say, life is so much easier this way.

I say, try it out! Have a go at accepting who you are. Find the love for yourself by making a choice to infuse love into your life.

How do I do that you may be asking yourself? I’ll be showing you the way I practice selflove in the next article! Have a lovely day you gorgeous human being filled with a massive amount of love!

All the love I hold in my heart,

~Ashley Kalila~


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