Jennifer Ann

“Follow your Inner Rainbow Home”


New Thought & Great Spiritual Teachers

Jennifer Ann has been devoted to the ancient ways from the beginning of her twenties, when life by chance showed her the way to ceremony. From that moment her life changed and she has been studying and sharing ever since.
In the past 7 years she has been specializing in facilitating ceremony with cacao. She weaves her musical medicine, as well as yoga background and breathwork knowledge into the ceremony. Holding a deep transformational space where all can be, heal and celebrate. She has been traveling internationally for 10 years sharing ceremony, music, prayers and many workshops at festivals, retreats and communities.

Jennifer Ann is down to earth, authentic and real. People come to sit with her because of her natural charm, clarity and witty ways. She has devoted her life to service and follows where the calling takes her.

Jennifer Ann is a bridge builder between worlds and on a mission to heal the world through music and ceremony. Jennifer Ann is a ceremonial singer song writer born in the USA, raised in The Netherlands. Her musical roots lie in mantra and medicine music. Her voice is soulful and warm and her fans describe it as a mothers embrace.
With her search for the medicine and healing powers within music. She follows the traditions of mantra chanting and tribal ceremonial music. This is the groundwork for her original songs. These new songs are a fusion of tribal music and folk/singer-songwriter blended together as prayers for a better world.

Testimonials about Jennifer Ann

When I met you I understood that we can be light, every time you came in into a room in Niemelse, Sweden I could really see that you radiate light and the room went ligther and the energy changed!
I could really feel the good in your heart and that you choice to be good.
The music and your voice was very helpfull and maked my heart happy and healed it
It was a pleasure to meet you, you are a very important person in my life that I remember when I choose the paths in my life. Thank you Jennifer

~ Steffanie Ebu

Jennifer’s transmissions are loving and caring from a great heart and spirit. When you meet her in one of her events you get spoiled with her beautiful music and her strong divined voice. A Blessing for the Soul. Thank you for remembering Jennifer! May all your dreams come true and inspire others.

~ Maura Bruggen –

I got so much LOVE for this sister! There’s a power, wisdom, force that comes with her voice, with her presence. So grateful to be able to witness and experience her sharing, it feels like a gift from the heavens.

~ Pablo Castro